Governing Board

Like all EMSB schools, FACE School has governance structures and participates in committees.
Here they are:

Governing Board
EMSB Parents Committee
Parent Parenting Organization (PPO)

The Governing Board of a school consists of parents and staff members. Members of the community and secondary senior students sit but do not vote.

The Board has decision-making authority on several issues such as the development, implementation and evaluation of the school’s educational project, the terms of application of the pedagogical regime and the time allocated to each subject.  The Governing Board is an important tool of democracy that gives our school greater autonomy and allows parents to play an active role. The chair of the governing board is always occupied by a parent, which allows parents to participate actively in the evolution of the school.

As stipulated in section 189 of the Education Act, each school board must establish a parents committee. If a school board divides its territory into administrative regions, it may establish regional committees and a central parents committee (EA, s. 191)

The English Montreal School Board divides its territory into two administrative sectors and has a central parents committee composed of each of the delegates from the regional sectors and a member of the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (ACSES).

What is a Governing Board?

A governing board is a body established in each school according to the Education Act. It is composed of the principal, parents, teachers, representatives of both the non-teaching professionals and support staff, daycare, and students in cycle 2 of secondary school, and community representatives who work in partnership to ensure that all students receive the best possible learning opportunities.

What does a Governing Board do?

The powers and functions of the governing board are related to four areas: general, educational services, community services and physical and financial resources.

Governing Board Elections

Each September, the chair of the governing board or the school principal calls a general assembly of the parents of the students who attend the school to elect parent representatives to the governing board.

At the meeting, the parents also elect a representative to the EMSB Parents Committee from among their representatives on the governing board.

Terms of Office and Vacancies

The term of office for parent representatives is two years except for the first year a governing board is established when half the parents elected serve one year. The term of office for other members is one year.

If a parent representative leaves the governing board before completing his or her mandate, the other parent representatives on the governing board appoint a parent to fill the vacancy and complete the mandate. A parent representative whose child no longer attends the school may remain a member of the governing board until the next general assembly held before September 30 of the new school year.