Academic Programs & Initiatives

Students follow classes in their mother tongue, although all students are grouped together for instrumental music and vocal classes and during extracurricular and social activities.

From kindergarten to Grade 11, the Fine Arts Program allows students to adapt to 4 artistic disciplines : visual arts, theatre/drama, vocal and instrumental music. Those more gifted or motivated are able to showcase their talents in complementary activities such as the jazz band, the symphony orchestra, the FACE young singers, plays, etc.

It is important to note that not all students are comfortable in such an intense and demanding program.

The aim of the program is not to train professional artists but rather to assist students in their development and help them thrive, so as to better succeed in their education. The Arts are an excellent learning ground for developing personal discipline, determination, and the growth of a sense of achievement and self-confidence, so vitally important for the student’s character. In a world becoming more and more technical and complex, it is the school’s obligation to offer a program that is above and beyond basic disciplinary learning. It is essential to challenge students and show them examples of human creativity and intelligence.

Success at FACE is an important stepping stone to the best CEGEPs and universities. Our students have gone on to rewarding careers in the sciences, medicine, the humanities, etc. as well as in the arts. Despite our heavy schedules, we manage to set aside a good amount of time for extracurricular activities such as sports, danse classes, etc.

Some Details About The Core Curriculum

Elementary science

  • Grades 3 to 5: Introduction to robotics
  • Grades 4 to 6: Participation in the annual school science fair
  • Introduction to laboratory techniques

High school science

  • Participation in the annual school science fair, with the winners going to regional fairs

High school mathematics

  • Participation in the Fermat and Pascal Canadian Mathematics Competition (each year, our students perform well in these competitions))
  • In secondary 4 and 5, FACE offers advanced math and science programs, including the required physics and chemistry courses for CEGEP science programs

Physical education (per week)

  • Elementary level: one period (50 min)
  • High school level: two periods (100 min)


  • Regular French classes are enhanced with drama classes at both the elementary and high school levels

Academic Programs

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