Parent Participation Organization

F.A.C.E. is fortunate to have a very active Parents Participation Organization (PPO), a Governing Board and dozens of parent volunteers. Together they organize many activities for the children, including a corn roast at the beginning of the year, a Book Fair, a Bake sale, a Holiday Breakfast in December, and a Fun Day in June. The parents are extremely proud of their school.

How do I join the P.P.O.?

Each September, F.A.C.E. holds a General Assembly of parents in the school gym, where the members of the P.P.O. are chosen. For more information about meetings and how to join the P.P.O., please contact F.A.C.E.'s principal.

Some of the activities that PPO members are involved in organizing include:

  • The Kindergarten and Grade 6 graduation
  • Helping in the school library
  • School Fundraisers

No P.P.O. This School Year (2020-2021)


Hey parents !

Come join the PPO team, we are parent-volunteers (from both EMSB & CSSDM from primary to high school) that sit on the parents committee.

It's a committee that takes on ideas and initiatives in the school's educational project.

Among our projects, we want to make the school greener and to integrate kindness at school:

Here are some initiatives, we help organize:

  • Greening
  • workshops /conferences,
  • events like Pink Shirt Day  
  • FACEstival party!

Comme help and make a difference: