Drama/Theatre Program

Welcome to FACE drama! This is a time where you will create, have fun and discover the joys of performing arts! FACE has a dedicated and qualified team of teachers (and theatre specialists), who offer a comprehensive course in the performing arts.

Here at FACE we offer drama for both Primary and Secondary students. Harnessing creativity, and imagination, students have a wide range of stimulus to develop their skills and knowledge in a dynamic performing arts program

We cover the key elements of drama in our curriculum:

· theatre history, key periods and people, theatrical conventions and devices of the period

· the many fascinating genres found in theatre – from comedy to tragedy

· the acting process, such as voice, movement, and characterization

· scripts, script writing and interpretation of text

· Rehearsal and performance process

· And so much more!

Drama helps students in their personal development: from building confidence, in problem solving, to conflict resolution and in collaborative engagement.

At FACE, students in Yr 10 and 11 have the unique opportunity to work on a full-scale drama production and provides an invaluable whole class experience.

Students get to participate in their area of interest: be it acting, costume, lighting, sound, stage design, or in becoming theatre technicians. Not only are students able to work in their specialized group, the process is wholly student driven, under the watchful eye of a committed team of theatre specialists.

In the tradition of FACE, the Yr 11, students put on their own play and is a real highlight. By the end of the drama experience here at FACE, students are extremely proud of their achievement as we are proud of them too!

FACE drama course follows the Progression of Learning: there are three competencies that must assessed:

For Primary School:

  • Competency 1 – To invent short scenes 
  • Competency 2 – To interpret short scenes
  • Competency 3 – To appreciate dramatic works, personal productions and those of classmates 

Progression of Learning Drama - Primary School

For Secondary School:

  • Competency 1 – Creates dramatic works
  • Competency 2 – Performs dramatic works 
  • Competency 3 – Appreciates dramatic works 

Progression of Learning Drama - Secondary School